Sweet Basil is one of my favorite restaurants. Recently I was able to combine my passion for food and art when Dave Becker, chef-owner of Sweet Basil in Needham, MA commissioned me to create a mosaic for the space above the open kitchen. Dave has a big, colorful personality, and like his restaurant, is friendly and welcoming. He's also a self-taught potter, and asked me to incorporate ceramic pieces from the restaurant's tableware into my design. Other than that and the dimensions, Dave left it up to me.

My still life was inspired by the rich colors of Tuscany and the vibrant photographs from the Sweet Basil cookbooks. I envisioned an eclectic design that would complement the personality of the restaurant and its owner.

Choosing materials for this piece was like a treasure hunt. I found vintage flatware at an antique mart, ceramic drawer pulls for the cherry tomatoes and an enameled napkin ring in my search. In addition, I used stained glass, handmade pottery, Austrian crystal, Italian cabochons, decorative paper, glass tile and other objects.

Sweet Basil
942 Great Plain Avenue
Needham, MA