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Lauren Mehrberg was featured on Chronicle, WCVB Channel 5

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Stained Glass Mosaic Pet Portrait

Romeo watching his portrait on Chronicle

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This poem was written by my 12 year old son, Jeremy.  It relates to my art in a way that I could never have expressed as eloquently.


Color is a flittering lark,
with scales of every hue.
Each tint,
a sentiment

Each feather drifts down,
a petal,
gingerly lands in the mind,
and blooms in the soul.

Vibrant scarlet of love and passion,
pale azure of misery and woe,
rich violet of royalty and confidence,
radiant orange of liveliness and warmth,
luminous yellow of caution and safety.

Each morn,
color soars over the world,
changing the dismal grays of the evening
into the charismatic scale of chroma,
illuminating the world.

The Sun’s rays,
on the heel of Color-
swooping through boulevards,
and darting past the gardens
of Asters and Hydrangeas,
and dashing through parks of ash and birch trees,
and navigating past elaborate statues
that have been disheartened by shadow.

Night ushers an epoch of shadow,
until Color brings the sun once again.

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Letting Go

Recently, I visited a friend who purchased “China Blue” two years ago.  It was a piece that I was quite attached to- I had it framed and hanging in my family room.  I really wanted to keep it, but my friend was gently persuasive and I decided to let it go.   It was difficult at first, but ultimately I was happy that my art found a good home.

As an artist, my work becomes part of me and I become part of it.  It has gotten easier for me over the years to see these pieces leave my studio.  My greatest and most satisfying reward is adding a little color and happiness into someone else’s world.  I realized that I can still love something even if I have to let it go.

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How creating a mosaic is like (and unlike) a jigsaw puzzle

My daughter came into my studio one day while I was working and said something that really stuck with me.  She told me that creating a mosaic is similar to doing a jigsaw puzzle, except with mosaics there are infinite choices.  That made a lot of sense to me.  Often, I have to sort through many pieces of glass until I find just the right one.  It takes a lot of patience and can be frustrating, but it’s worth it.  I realized the wisdom in her words, as they not only apply to my art, but to life as well.  Our lives are a puzzle composed of many choices and decisions made along the way.  If we’re lucky, these choices join to make something beautiful, but in truth, we really don’t know how it will turn out until all the pieces are in place.

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